March 9, 2013


We continuously participate in delivering informational sessions and seminars on educating the South Florida community about elder law topics.

You can view video snippets of these seminars below or you can visit our YouTube channel for more video by clicking here.

Why a Customized Estate Plan is Important
Your family is not cookie-cutter! In this latest video from Mindy, she discusses why a Customized Estate Plan designed for your family and needs is important!
Did You Know?: Probate Makes Your Estate Public Record
Did you know? If you do not Pre-Plan, your Estate will become Public Record during the Probate Court process? Learn More in this latest video from Estate ...
How to Leave Money to Children with Special Needs in Estate Planning
MINDY'S VIDEOS ARE BACK! In this latest video, Mindy talks about how to Leave Money for a Child w/ Special Needs and how this is a critical step that many ...
The Difference Between Revocable & Irrevocable Trusts
So what's the difference between Revocable & Irrevocable Trusts? Watch this video to learn more!
How to Avoid the Enormous Cost of Nursing Home Care
Many are unprepared in understanding the enormous cost that is ongoing Nursing Home care. Nursing Home expenses, in many cases, these costs can ...
It's Never Too Early to Create an Estate Plan, Here's Why!
With COVID-19 Pandemic, it's never too early to create an Estate Plan. If no Estate Planning is done, you can end up causing unnecessary legal battles and ...
Probate and Owning Property in Multiple States
What if you die and have property in multiple states? Are you aware of the multiple court proceedings that would need to occur? Learn more in this video by ...
Comparing a Will to a Trust
Elder Law & Estate Planning Attorney, Mindy Felinton, frequently gets questions from clients who have heard about a Will and a Trust. In this latest video, Mindy ...