July 13, 2012

Florida Pet Trusts

ARE YOU CONCERNED about who will care for the welfare of your pet when you pass away or are unable to care for the pet? Our “pet trust” service ensures that man’s best friend and other friendly companions will be protected and have care available.

Florida Pet Trusts

A TRUST FOR YOUR PET is very much like creating one for a family member or yourself. A trust is considered a legal entity into which you put in financial resources and then designate a trustee (like a family member) who will be responsible for safeguarding and administering the funds. A pet trust will require you to designate a caregiver who will be the trustee and that individual will be in charge of making payments to the caregiver for your pet’s expenses (dietary needs, grooming, pet toys, veterinary care, etc.).

SO WHY A PET TRUST? A pet trust is legally enforceable and is accepted and acknowledged by the courts in Florida. You can be assured that the directives and instructions regarding the pets or animals that are currently in your care will be carried and can be very specific including, but not limited to: brands of food, regular scheduled veterinary visits

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